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Quit Smoking Medical Services & Aviation Medical Exams in Moonbeam & Kingston

The picturesque landscape at Remi Lake Holiday Bay in Moonbeam is the perfect place to quit smoking in a relaxing, safe and non-judgemental environment. Remi Lake Holiday Bay is operated by Dr. L. C. Larabie, who is proud to offer her smoking cessation boot camp at our park. As a very experienced Civil Aviation Medical Examiner (CAME), Dr. Larabie also offers Civil Aviation Medical examinations at her clinic in Kingston.

Dr. L.C. Larabie

Smoking Cessation Counselling Sessions & Boot Camp

If you want to smoke, that's your business.


If you want to quit, that's my business.


Dr. Larabie offers counselling for smokers looking to quit. Her background in clinical psychology, plus extensive research in abrupt smoking cessation qualifies her to aid those who struggle to quit. Book a private smoking cessation counselling session for you and your 'quit smoking buddy' or join her quit smoking boot camp to participate in a friendly and supportive environment to equip you with the tools you need to kick the habit for good. Please follow Dr. Larabie on Instagram #quitsmokingdoc.


The breathtaking landscape of Remi Lake Holiday Bay provides a great atmosphere to kick your smoking habit. Distract yourself with the stunning natural beauty of Remi Lake while participating in a physician-led smoking cessation boot camp. Pending physician availability, all smoking cessation sessions – by appointment only - are free with a minimum five-day stay on our campground and a valid Ontario Health Card (OHIP).

The Civil Aviation Medical Exam

Dr. L. C. Larabie is a very experienced Civil Aviation Medical Examiner (CAME) in Kingston Ontario. For information on obtaining a medical exam, please review the following frequently asked questions:


Q. How quickly can I get an aviation medical exam?
A. There are two ways to get your medical examination:

  • 1. The fastest way is to take advantage of the “walk-in” clinic service which is usually offered 3 times per week. Pilots and students are offered first come, first serve service. The times of these clinics are announced every Monday at 613‑544‑8391. All pilots who come to the “walk-in” service are guaranteed to have their medical examination completed, but the wait time may differ.

  • 2. The second way to get the medical is to email Dr. Larabie your preferences at or

Q. I need my aviation medical exam before I am allowed to take my “solo” flight. I only have a week before I “solo.” How can I make this happen?
A. If you are found “fit to fly” when your medical exam is complete, you will receive a signed Category 4 Declaration which may allow you to take your solo flight before receiving your medical certification from Transport Canada. However, you need to confirm this with your flying instructor prior to your solo flight.

Q. How do I find out what is involved in an aviation medical examination?
A. To preview the medical examination or for other questions pertaining to Civil Aviation Medicine, please go to the following link

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